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Woman sits at computer doing her Facebook advertising

​Ads training so you can Do-It-Yourself... 

Here we can cover the basics of FacebookTM and InstagramTM to ensure you are on the right track and up to date in this fast-moving industry. 

Plus, knowing why and who you are trying to attract is vital and also saves you time and money

Have you got your strategy sorted?

Are you knew to the role, have avoided all things social media, or just need a refresher on recent changes?

We can help, before you get suck you down a rabbit hole of Googling the answer!

Give me a yell, and I can update you and give you some advice. 

One woman coaches another woman in how to do Facebook ads

Ads Done-With-You...

Imagine not having that stressed and overwhelmed feeling and the worry of if you are going to waste your money on ads...

Are you running out of time to get your ads up and running before your next promotion?

Here's a few things to look out for, do you know:

  • If your pixel is loaded for re-targeting?
  • If your ads are working?
  • What statistics to look at?
  • Which type of ad works best for what?
  • Which ads are the cheapest at the moment?

A woman watches having her Facebook ads done for her.

Ads Done-For-You...

Do you just want your ads and sales funnel done so you can get some of your time back so that you can focus on your business, and spending more time with your family or just working less?

I hear ya!

Here we can custom design a marketing / ads campaign, implement it and monitor the results, to ensure we can get the best return on ad spend for you...

We do the hard work for you...

"That's bliss!," I hear you say, "when can you start!"

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