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Lyndal Lane
A blend of corporate and creative

Photo of and Facebook Ads Coach Lyndal Lane sits and relaxes on a couch

What makes us different is the use of 'old school' marketing techniques combined with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Clients have enjoyed that I'm not still 'wet behind the ears', can spell, have life experience and that I have had two different businesses in two eras.

Plus, I have bucket loads of empathy for the overwhelm faced when starting a business - or simply just being in business! - especially if you are bootstrapping it!

Then there's learning about ads...

Another aspect is, because I am in business and not on an agency's payroll, I have a vested interest in my clients results, and would not suggest something I wouldn't do with my own money.

Also, I'm a marketing nerd and so love talking sales funnels, marketing tips and what's new and then implementing it myself.                                                                                

Brick n' Mortar Telecommunications Store

Rural Franchise Dealer of the Year (twice)   

2000 - 2007          

Online Business

2018 - on wards and upwards! (Just like dog years... 1 actual year = 7 in Digital Marketing) 

Photo of and Facebook Ads Coach Lyndal Lane sits and relaxes on a couch

Let me introduce myself...

I'm named after Miss New Zealand, from many years ago, and that's where the similarities end, unfortunately! 

My first venture into earning money was when I was nine years old, plucking the wool off dead sheep... 

Picture this... me wearing Dad's overalls, gumboots, mum's yellow dish-washing gloves and a blue woolen balaclava and then off on the farm motorbike I would zoom heading to the offal pit... (and you thought handling that moldy orange you found in the back of the fridge was bad!...)

Full of motivation of the vision of rolls of dollar notes that would fill up the inside of my piggy bank... just like Scrooge McDuck counting his gold...

Why? I could see there was money to be made, and it was just literally lying there 'ripe for the plucking'... (excuse the pun!)

I could see the same opportunity for my telecommunications business - I switched brands and brought the competition to town. Now I see the same opportunity for businesses using Facebook and Instagram Ads for their business - Plus, I know how overwhelming it can be to learn, I can shortcut this process for people.


I've got a background in sales, marketing, advertising, the arts, owning a business, and then add completing a degree in communications in 2011, extramural, while being a single parent to three kids to the mix!

One could say I know a thing or two about multitasking!

Some would say I can be a shy extrovert - which means I enjoy the energy of people & music and also love being by myself in the middle of nowhere in my old vintage caravan.

A recent online quiz said I was "a bit playful", "always imaginative", "not afraid to ask why not?", "precocious", and a pinch ambitious."

Yes, to all the above!

I always wanted to be a drummer in a rock band, and while I have had three drum kits since I was 12 years old - what I've learnt is... I'm not that great at it as my drumming speeds up when I'm drumming to a song that I love! 

Now, I just have the leather pants instead...

Enjoying live music, other peoples drumming, camping, a glass of red or bubbles, really good coffee, avocado smash and curling up on the couch with a good book or a watching a movie keeps me sane!

  I'd love to chat to you about your ads, funnels and social media. Have you got a free 15 minutes for a Zoom call?